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The mission of the Shasta Suicide Prevention Collaborative is to decrease suicide attempts and deaths in Shasta County through collaboration, advocacy, education, training and evaluation.


The Shasta Suicide Prevention Collaborative is a collaboration of community members focused on this mission.  If you would like to know more about Collaborative projects and activities, feel free to attend the meetings.  This is an open community meeting and all are welcome to attend.

Where:  Meetings are held virtually at this time. 

When:  Bi-monthly; the third Thursday of every other month, 2:30pm to 4pm unless otherwise specified. 


For questions, or to be added to the meetings, please call 530-229-8426 or send an email to the Shasta Suicide Prevention Collaborative.

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Stigma is made up myths and stereotypes attached to a particular label, such as a mental health diagnosis. Stigma creates misconceptions and leads people to make negative assumptions about others before getting to know them.

The truth is that mental health challenges are more common than you might think. More than half of us will experience a diagnosable mental health condition in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, shame silences people from opening up about what they may be struggling with, and prevents them from seeking the help they need. Attempt survivors and those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide often face judgment from others. Learning about and connecting with someone can save a life.

The Brave Faces Portrait Gallery uses true stories of hope and recovery to fight stigma by improving our understanding of mental illness and suicide.  Click here to find out how you can become involved and join the stand against stigma.


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Volunteer Opportunities

 Suicide-Loss Survivor Outreach 

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) provides peer support for those suffering from a recent loss to suicide.  If you have been through  the pain and confusion of losing a loved one to suicide and would like to share your experience to help others, you may be able to help offer resources and support to those newly grieving.  

Click here to apply.  Shasta County is served by the Greater Sacramento Chapter of AFSP. 




Brought to you by the Planning and Service Area 2 Area Agency on Aging (PSA 2 AAA).

You can make a difference in an elder's life.  As an Ombudsman volunteer, you will have the opportunity to:

ADVOCATE  for residents in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities (long-term care). Be the voice for those unable to speak for themselves.

EDUCATE  the community, residents and staff about rights of residents, the services of the Ombudsman Program, facility regulations and enforcement, resident care practices, and abuse.

INVESTIGATE  and resolve problems and concerns of residents by creating a presence through regular unannounced visits at facilities to monitor conditions and care.

To get involved, or for more information, contact us at 530-229-1435.  



1647 Hartnell Avenue, Suite 9, Redding

Established in 1980, Planning and Service Area 2 Area Agency on Aging (PSA 2 AAA) is a Joint Powers Agency providing aging and adult services.  Our primary goal is to advocate for and offer services to the older adult and disabled population.  Find us online at