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Shasta County's Response to Local Emergencies

COVID-19 Vaccinations



NOTE: Clicking on this blue oval and filling out the survey does not make an appointment for you - this will simply send you an email when you are eligible to make an appointment.

Please do not call Public Health after filling out this survey. We will be in touch with you as soon as we have an available appointment for you.

Vaccine Rollout 12302020_JH_TM11x14GROUPS BEING VACCINATED NOW  (updated Jan. 27): Everyone in Phase 1A (click on chart at right to see details), plus workers in emergency services and people 75 and older.


This information will be updated as new groups become eligible for vaccination.

How do I make an appointment for vaccine right now?
Right now, the Safeway clinics are full, which will change as more vaccine becomes available. Public Health and community partners will have many public clinics in the near future, and we will be announcing details once we confirm that we will be receiving adequate supply of vaccine. Please keep an eye on this webpage and your local news for more details. More supply is expected to start flowing to us soon.

I got my first dose at the drive-through clinic – how do I get my second dose?
Please watch this webpage and your local news for more details on when future clinics are planned. You can’t get your second dose before the date that’s on your vaccination card, but it’s OK to get it after that date. Please ensure that your second dose is the same brand as your first dose. 

You may be uncertain about the COVID-19 vaccines—and this is totally reasonable. Do you want to know more about how they're developed, tested and authorized for use? This video explains the science behind vaccines and why there's a reason to be optimistic. 


Vaccination Resources


COVID-19 Vaccines:

For Healthcare Workers:

Emergency Use Authorizations

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