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Shasta County's Response to Local Emergencies

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In-person instruction plays an important role in students' academic, emotional, and social development. Everything that we have learned about COVID-19 has helped us understand how to make classrooms safer and allow children to return to school.


school guidance

Guidance for Schools and Childcare

Group Tracing

Group-Tracing Guidance for Schools (link)

New Group Tracing Guidance for Schools (letter)

*NEW* - Self-Test Kits Available for Shasta County Students

*NEW* Post-Spring Break Testing for COVID-19
*NEW* Traveling To or From California? Follow These Travel Guidelines

To make sure schools stay safe and open, it is important to get tested for COVID-19. The California Department of Public Health has given each county a number of self-test kits that can be used before return to class after school breaks.

Review the self-testing instructions below.

iHealth Antigen Self-Test Instructions            Quick View Antigen Self-Test Instructions

ihealth guidance                    quickvue

Carestart Antigen Self-Test Instructions

carestart guidance