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Shasta County's Response to Local Emergencies

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In-person instruction plays an important role in students' academic, emotional, and social development. Everything that we have learned about COVID-19 has helped us understand how to make classrooms safer and allow children to return to school.


School Guidance Shasta County - Public Distribution

Guidance for Schools and Childcare

Self-Test Kits Available for Shasta County Students

Traveling To or From California? Follow These Travel Guidelines

To make sure schools stay safe and open, it is important to get tested for COVID-19. The California Department of Public Health has given each county a number of self-test kits that can be used before return to class after school breaks.

Review the self-testing instructions below.

iHealth Antigen Self-Test Instructions            Quick View Antigen Self-Test Instructions

ihealth guidance                    quickvue

Carestart Antigen Self-Test Instructions                   NEW! FlowFlex Antigen Self-Test Instructions

       carestart guidance                    quickvue