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Shasta County's Response to Local Emergencies

What can open now, and how can we reopen safely?

Find the state's Blueprint for a Safer Economy and industry specific guidance. Required modifications are listed in the guidance and checklists.

What is open new tier system


Schools are not universally affected by a county's change in tiers, though they may decide to move to distance learning for a variety of reasons, including availability of staff. Regardless of what tier a county falls into, it is recommended that a K-12 school closes when at least 5% of staff and students test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days, and school districts should close if one-quarter of schools in the districts are closed due to COVID-19 cases.

History: The Shasta County Roadmap to Recovery, created in May, is a path toward re-opening the county. This is our attestation to the state and the Board of Supervisors approved a letter of support.