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Shasta County's Response to Local Emergencies

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Data and Statistics

This page includes Shasta County and statewide data regarding COVID-19. Find more information at and in the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Get answers to frequently asked questions.

In Shasta County (updated 9/23/2021): 

  • 138,169 total vaccines given
  • 48.0% of population fully vaccinated 
  • 57.4% of population with at least one dose 

For more data, visit the Vaccine Dashboard

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Rates, Test Positivity and Community Transmission

Current county data is now available from the Centers for Disease Control and the California Department of Public Health.

Levels of transmission can be found on the CDC's Data Tracker, including the U.S. map below, last updated with 9/20/2021 data.



Shasta County COVID-19 Transmission Status, Weekly Update

Covid Community Transmission Levels, RED LEVEL

Weekly update for Shasta County (9/13 - 9/19),
    • 7-Day Case Numbers (by date received): 966
    • 7-day CDC Transmission Case Rate (by date received): 536.4 per 100,000 persons 
    • 7-day test positivity (by lab collected date): 11.1%
    • 7-day Average Hospitalized: 86.3

    • COVID-19 transmission level: High
*Find more info about these calculations at bottom of this page.

At this level, we encourage everyone to follow CDC recommendations: Wear a mask while indoors and get vaccinated if you have not yet.

Variants of concern in Shasta County

Because just a small fraction of cases are tested for variants and there is a lengthy delay in results from the state laboratory, it is impossible to know how many variant cases are in Shasta County. The state's Tracking Variants page explains what variants are, what we know about them and how the proportion has changed over time. All four known variants of concern found in the state - alpha, beta, gamma and delta - have also been identified in Shasta County. Statewide, more than 82% of the sequenced specimens are now delta, and it is expected that most cases in Shasta County are delta.

Community Impact

* CDC measures county levels of COVID-19 transmission by calculating two rates — case rate and positivity rate.

The CDC case rate is calculated as the total cases received over a 7-day period per 100,000 persons, with a 2-day lag in data. Shasta County calculates the case rate in the same way, yet with only a 1-day lag in data.

The positivity rate is the percentage of tests that are positive in the past 7 days.

Statistics and Maps

Johns Hopkins UniversityInteractive map of cases worldwide - Johns Hopkins University

CA.govCalifornia Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

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