DMV Programs

California "Honoring Veterans" License Plates

The  California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a service which allows a person to check whether a specific personalized license plate is available.

You can publicly display your status as a veteran, or support of veterans, and at the same time support legitimate veterans services throughout the state. 

Those Interested in a "Honoring Veterans" License Plate:

1. Please click here to view the options for the license plate logos for cars and trucks. 

License Plate Logo Page 12. Once you found the logo you desire, please download and fill out:

                Special Interest License Plate Application (REG 17)

 (You will need the CODE number listed below the logo for the application)

3. With the application complete you may mail your application and fees to:

                                             Department of Motor Vehicles

                                                 Special Processing Unit 

                                                P.O. Box 932345 MS D238

                                             Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

  • The fee on just the logo is $50.00 
  • The fee to customize your License Plate Number and have a logo is $78.00
  • There will be a annual renewal fee of $40.00

4. Or you may order online at California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)


"Veteran" on your Drivers License

DMV is not your first stop please contact our office 530-225-5616 to speak to a Veterans Services Representative. 

You may be eligible to have the word "VETERAN" added to your drivers license. This will allow you to get discounts throughout the community.

Instructions for Veteran Designation on the Drivers License/ID Card

More than 64,000 Veterans Apply for Veteran Designation on California Driver Licenses

In order to see if you are eligible, please stop by our Veterans Services Office and provide your ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPY of your DD-214. (A Photocopy is not acceptable), To receive the Veteran Status Verification form "VSD-001" that you take to the DMV. The DMV will not accept or visualize your DD-214.

Click here for more information from Calvet

Click here for more information from the DMV