Where Taxes Go



The Tax Collector collects property taxes that fund the activities of local government of the county including the school system. The Tax Collector does not determine how much to collect. The County Assessor determines the value of a parcel and gives the value information to the County Auditor-Controller, who applies the tax rates and special assessments to the tax bill. The Auditor-Controller then charges the Tax Collector with the collection of the tax bill.

What is ERAF?

Answer: It is a mechanism, enacted in July of 1992 by the State Legislature, to shift local tax revenues from cities, counties, and special districts to a state controlled Education Revenue Augmentation Fund. The state uses this fund to reduce their obligation to the schools. ERAF funds have been used by the State to help school and community college districts meet minimum funding requirements.

If you have questions regarding the value of your property, you should contact the County Assessor.