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Pay Online by Credit/Debit Card/E-Check
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Convenience Fees: Credit 2.25%; Debit $3.95 (flat fee); E-Check Fee: $0.50 (flat fee)

Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Cards

IMPORTANT: Confirmation Number (receipt) is conditional until funds are confirmed and payment is processed. May take up to five (5) days for payment to post. Customers will be notified by the Tax Collector's office if the payment failed.

Convenience Fee: Shasta County property taxes may be paid with any of the above listed credit cards or by E-Check. The company we use to process electronic payments will add a convenience fee to your bill. See fees below:

Credit:      2.25% (of the bill with a minimum fee of $2.50)
Debit:      $3.95 (flat fee)
E-Check: $0.50 (flat fee) for less than or equal to $100,000. You may pay up to 10 assessments per E-Check.

Prior to completing the transaction, all fees will be clearly reported and you will have the option to cancel the transaction.

To view or pay your property taxes, please have your tax bill(s) ready and available to enter all of the required information.

Search Instructions

In the "Value" field at the right, enter your assessment number (i.e. 123-456-789-654). To search a range of assessments, you may enter any of the following: the book (i.e. 123-), the book-page (i.e. 123-45), the book-page-page block (i.e. 123-456), the book-page-page block-parcel (i.e. 123-456-789).

  • To access the assessment information from your search, double click on the desired assessment number.
  • Searches of books 001-099 require the leading zeros. The more complete the assessment number, the more specific the search will be.
  • Parcels secured by real property begin with book numbers 005 and go up to book 704.
  • Condominiums have the last three digits in the range of 500 through 790.
  • Undivided Interests have the last three digits in the range of 800-899.
  • Other assessment numbers begin with 800-996 and are categorized below.
  • To print your Assessment information, click on "Print" located at the top of the data window.
Unsecured Assessment Numbers Supplementals
800 - Business Assessments 980 - Unsecured Transfer
810 - Business Assessments 981 - Unsecured Transfer
820 - Aircraft 985 - Unsecured New Construction
830 - Boats 986 - Unsecured New Construction
850 - IREOs 990 - Transfer
860 - Possessory Interest 991 - Transfer
861 - Possessory Interest 995 - New Construction
910 - Mobile Homes 996 - New Construction

IMPORTANT NOTE: Payment Confirmation Number (receipt) is conditional until your account/funds are confirmed and payment is processed fully. May take up to five (5) business days for payment to post. Customers will be notified by the Tax Collector's office if the payment failed and a $53 returned e-check/credit/debit fee will be added. Please be sure to enter correct account information to avoid fees/penalties.

: At times the website or payment system may be down due to maintenance or high volume of users. When the website or payment system is down the 844 # will also be down. IT IS STILL THE TAXPAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY BY THE DELINQUENT DATE AND TIME.

Secured Tax Bills:
1st installment:  DUE Nov 1; DELINQUENT date & time: Dec 10 by 5:00 p.m. (§2617)
2nd Installment: DUE Feb 1; DELINQUENT date & time: Apr 10 by 5:00 p.m. (§2618)

  • For electronic payments, payment is accepted until midnight on April 10 & December 10


JUNE 30, 2022 AT 5:00 P.M. TO JULY 22, 2022 AT 12:01 A.M.

The online and 844 phone number payment portal will be shut down during the annual Year-End Updates. If your tax bill is due during this timeframe please mail your payment or bring cash or check to the office by the delinquent date to avoid penalties. Postmarks are accepted, except for 5-year default payments.