Risk Management

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Mission Statement

The mission of Risk Management is to develop and deliver insurance and other programs that responsibly safeguard the assets and human resources of the County in an equitable, affordable, compassionate, responsive manner to employees and the public.

  Shelley Forbes
Director of Support Services
(530) 225-5515

Monica Fugitt
Assistant Director of Support Services
(530) 225-5515

Workers' Compensation

Steve Taylor
Workers' Compensation Analyst III
(530) 225-5091
Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster, Department Safety Coordinator

Angelika King
Senior Workers' Compensation Adjuster - Confidential
(530) 225-5092
Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster

Jennifer Ferrell
Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster I - Confidential
(530) 225-5299
Preparation and Processing of Work Related Injury/Illness Documents, Provide Support for Workers' Compensation Analysts.
Mary Webb
Workers' Compensation Technician I - Confidential
(530) 229-8245
Pays Workers' Compensation Bills, Preparation and Processing of Work Related Injury/Illness, Documents, Provide Support for Workers' Compensation Analysts.


Jim Johnson
Risk Management Analyst III
(530) 225-5143
Rebecca - Square

Rebecca Fendick
Risk Management Assistant - Confidential
(530) 225-5191

Provides Support for Liability Claims Adjuster, Process Liability Claims, Publish Shasta County Safety Newsletter, Scheduling Safety Training for County Employees, Maintenance of Retiree Vision Insurance, File Maintenance, Life Insurance, IIPP, Volunteer Registration.

Contact Information:

  • Workers' Compensation: (530) 225-5141
  • Liability: (530) 225-5143
  • Fax #: (530) 225-5251