Employee Benefits

Note: Various bargaining units may have benefits that differ from this general summary. This summary is not a binding document and is provided as a courtesy. Refer to labor agreements (MOUs) for specific benefit information.


Maximum of 24 hours for each non-concurrent death in the immediately family.

Dental Plan

The employee pays the full premium during the first six months of coverage. After that, the County pays a portion of the employee’s and dependents’ premium for dental insurance.

Education & Training

The County provides a New Employee Orientation to all new employees. This orientation reviews an overview of the County organization and structure, the County Mission Statement, budget, policies and procedures.

Shasta County supports education and training for employees. Training opportunities are offered to employees throughout the year to assist them in career development and skill enhancement.

Annually, Shasta County offers training opportunities to Supervisors to review and keep up to date on labor related activities, such as, Americans with Disabilities Act, Workers' Compensation, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Harassment, and Payroll and Leaves of Absences.

Departments also provide specific job training through the department and training opportunities through the University of California at Davis, SkillPath Seminars, Fred Pryor Seminars, etc. Some departments also support employee participation at various conventions and seminars throughout the year.

In addition, to  training and enhancement, Shasta County offers a worksite wellness program to support and recognize the importance of a strong, safe, and healthy workforce. Through the worksite wellness program employees are provided with resources and tools to gain knowledge and support in meeting their own personal health and safety goals.

Health Plan Information

Shasta County currently contracts with CalPERS for health insurance. CalPERS provides Anthem Blue Cross plans for Shasta County employees. Employees in the Teamsters bargaining unit are insured through a Teamsters Trust plan. The County pays most, or all, of the employee health insurance premium, and contributes a portion of the dependent health insurance premium. The County also makes contributions for a portion of a retiree's health insurance premium.


12 paid holidays (96 hours) per year.

Life Insurance

The County pays the premium for life insurance for most employees. The amount of coverage varies by bargaining unit.


The County is in the Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) coordinated with Social Security (note - not all Safety members' benefits are coordinated with Social Security). To inquire on specific retirement formulas, please reference individual bargaining unit MOUs.

Sick Leave

96 hours of sick leave are earned each year with no maximum accrual. Employees terminating in good standing after completion of 5 years of continuous service will receive a pro-rata payoff of accumulated sick leave. Unused sick leave may be converted to PERS service credit upon retirement.

Family Illness/Medical Appointments. Sick leave granted because of illness in the immediate family or because of scheduled doctor/dentist appointments for members of the immediate family shall normally be limited to 56 working hours per calendar year for all incidents.

Note - accrued sick leave may not be used until after three months of employment.

Accrued paid leave benefits are used in conjunction with FMLA/CFRA as appropriate.


  • 10 working days a year during the first three years of service;
  • 15 working days a year - 4 through 9 years of service;
  • 17 working days a year - 10 through 15 years of service;
  • 20 working days a year - 16 or more years of service.

Note - accrued vacation leave may not be used until after six months of employment. For purposes of vacation accrual, a working day is no more than 8 hours.

Vision Plan

The County pays the employee premium and employees may enroll dependents at their own expense.


  • Deferred Compensation plans available through specified companies.
  • An Employee Assistance Program is available to all employees for no cost to the employee.
  • IRC Section 125 plan available for pre-tax payroll deductions for contributions towards un-reimbursed medical expenses and dependent care costs.
  • Optional insurance products available through Aflac.

401(a) and 457(b) Enrollment




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