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Boating Laws

New laws affecting Shasta Lake boaters and designed to improve safety on California's waterways:

AB 2538-As of January 1, 2001, all children under 13 years of age are required to wear a life jacket while underway in a vessel of any size. (Existing law required children under 7 years of age to wear life jackets.) The new law also requires water skiers to wear life jackets, as well as all users of personal watercraft.

AB 2045-As of January 1, 2001, requires any person convicted of a moving violation while operating a vessel complete a boating safety course.

County ordinance 12.24.090 and 12.24.100A Speed Zones - Shasta Lake, Fall River, Lake Britton, Lake McCloud, little Tule River, and Eastman Lake.

As of March 23, 1999 - No person shall operate a motorboat at a speed in excess of five miles per hour within one hundred feet from any shoreline or anchored vessel; no person shall operate a motorboat at a speed in excess of five miles per hour five hundred feet south to five hundred feet north of Antlers Resort, Lakeshore Resort and Tsasdi's Resort boat dock, Lake Shasta.

Shasta County Code - Boating, Swimming, and Fishing

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