Search & Rescue


The Search and Rescue Coordinator Sergeant oversees the Shasta County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Unit. It is comprised of 13 sworn deputies, 3 non-sworn  employees, and over 200 volunteers.  The volunteer teams are divided into several specialty teams or Posse's.

  • Dog Team
  • Eastern and Western Flying Posse
  • Ground Team
  • Jeep and Jeep Auxiliary Posse
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Mounted Posse
  • Rescue Dirt Riders
  • Tracking Team
  • Communications Team
  • Snowmobile Team
  • Mountain Bike Team

All sworn personnel are required to attend and pass California State Office of Emergency Service's Direction and Control of the Search Function as well as Winter Search Management

Ongoing training occurs in the direction and control course, winter management class, ICS training, short haul experience (with assistance from CHP), and snowcat operation familiarization.


Each volunteer team is responsible for managing and recruiting their members as well as following their own bylaws.  Each applicant has to pass a Sheriff's Office background check prior to being assigned to a SAR team. Volunteer team leaders are required to attend monthly meetings and quarterly trainings.

If you are Interested in applying to be a volunteer member on any of the various Search and Rescue teams please contact:

Dustin Warren, Community Service Officer, Office of Emergency Services
Phone:  (530) 245-6095



        SAR Training 4


SnowCat     SAR Training


HPIM22      SAR Academy 2019