Reserve Program

The Shasta County Deputy Sheriff Reserves are non-paid sworn deputies who have limited police powers, who volunteer their time. Currently there are 29 Reserve Officers that work within the Sheriff's Office, 27 are Level I, and 2 are Level II. There are 3 levels of Reserves:

patrol truck

  • Level III - Has completed Level III Module (162 hours), uniformed and unarmed, must be fully supervised by Level I
  • Level II - Has completed the Level III and Level II Modules (386 hours), uniformed and armed, can transport prisoners, and must be fully supervised by Level I. Must complete 24 hours of Continual Professional Training every two years
  • Level I - Has completed the Basic Post Academy (664 hours), they are uniformed and armed, have completed a field training program (400 hours), and must complete 24 hours of Continual Professional Training every two years

The program consists of at least 16 hours of commitment per month (12 of which are duty time and 4 hours of training). Reserves work in Patrol, assist the Civil Unit, Work Release Program, Boating Safety, and Corrections. Reserves work with the community in fingerprinting and photographing children through the Vanished Children's Alliance, over 300 children were identified. Five Reserves helped the Muscular Dystrophy fund raiser. Reserves assist the School Officers with security at high school games and provide security at the fair.

A special Field Training Program has been developed for the Reserve. All Reserves are kept up to date in training, policies and procedures of the department. Upon entering the Unit the Reserves go through an indoctrination period where they work in or visit all departments of the Sheriff's Office. Future plans are to have a two man Reserve Patrol Unit on the streets to assist and back up the regular deputies and respond to non-emergency calls for service.

Reserves come from all walks of life. Some come from the business community where they have a career, but want to be in law enforcement. Some are retired law enforcement officers, others have been through the police academy and are looking for some experience before hiring on to an agency.

A quote from the Santa Clarita Valley Uniformed Reserve Company #6:

"You wouldn't go in there for a million bucks. A cop does it for a lot less. A Reserve does if for free."

If you would like to become a Shasta County Deputy Sheriff Reserve, please call the Reserve Coordinator, Jerry Fernandez at (530) 245-6087 or (530) 691-2493.