Burney Station

Lieutenant Jesse Gunsauls

Jesse Gunsauls
Lieutenant, Patrol Operations

20509 Shasta St.
Burney, CA
(530) 245-6070

The Burney Station is committed to the C.O.P.P.S. philosophy and has been active with several projects. These projects addressed issues related to unsafe housing, unsanitary conditions, abatement of drug houses, and quality of life issues. In keeping with the C.O.P.P.S. philosophy, officers are actively involved in the community during their off-duty hours. Officers are involved with coaching Little League, refereeing basketball, chaperoning a school snow skiing program, various church groups, and Rotary. One officer is the Vice President of the Tri-Counties Community Network. Officers additionally offer their advice to the Domestic Violence Coordinating Counsel, Intermountain Action Growth and Education committee (IMAGE), the Intermountain Adult Multi-disciplinary team and the Intermountain Child Multi-disciplinary team.

Burney Patrol

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