Division Commanders

Lieutenant Tyler Thompson, Redding Station

Lieutenant Jesse Gunsauls, Burney Station

Lieutenant Thomas Campbell, City of Shasta Lake

About Patrol Operations

Shasta County is a vast area with many small communities. Patrol Operations strives with limited resources to protect and serve each community and its Deputies are generally considered the backbone of the County Law Enforcement. The focus and commitment of Patrol Operations is protection of the public, the aggressive investigation of crime through diligent follow-up investigation, and providing outstanding service to the public. The area of responsibility encompasses approximately 3,700 square miles of unincorporated area of Shasta County and is bordered with mountain ranges on three sides of the county.

Patrol Operations is directed by a Lieutenant and is divided into two Patrol Stations and three Patrol Substations.

The main Patrol Operations station is located in Redding and serves the many communities located within the north end of the Sacramento Valley known locally as the Redding Basin.

The Burney Station serves the Intermountain Area including Burney, Fall River Mills, McArthur, and many other smaller intermountain communities. 

Main Redding Station

Lieutenant Tyler Thompson

2490 Radio Ln, Redding, CA
(530) 225-3700

Burney Intermountain Station

Lieutenant Jesse Gunsauls

20509 Shasta St, Burney, CA
(530) 245-6070 

City of Shasta Lake

Lieutenant Tom Campbell

4488 Red Bluff St, Shasta Lake, CA
(530) 245-6097

Cottonwood Substation

(530) 245-6540

Lakehead Substation

(530) 245-6540

Shingletown Substation

(530) 245-6540

Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Systems

The  policy of the Shasta County Sheriff's Office is to utilize ALPR technology to capture an store digital license plate data and images while recognizing the established privacy rights of the public.  All data and images gathered by by the ALPR are for the official use of this department.  Because such data may contain confidential information, it is not open to public review.  

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office also works in partnership with the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center and Central Valley HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) to operate our Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) systems.  Use the links below to review policies for ALPR hosting and operating procedures as well as a copy of Shasta County Sheriff's Office Policy 466.2 Automated License Plate Readers.