Specialty Teams

Bomb Team

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office Bomb Team is a federally recognized team that responds to numerous areas throughout the North State. The bomb team handles approximately 30 calls for service yearly.  These calls are within the unincorporated county jurisdiction, City of Shasta Lake, City of Redding, City of Anderson, and mutual aid requests out of the county.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office Bomb Team receives monthly training and takes great pride in service to its community and surrounding areas.

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​Dive Team

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office Dive Team was established in 1983 and began with a handful of certified divers.  Over the years, the team has grown in numbers now having 12 certified and very well trained members who are versed in underwater diving and swift water rescue.

The dive team utilizes the following equipment to successfully locate, investigate, photograph, and ultimately recover evidence, property and deceased subjects in the county's waterways.

  • Underwater cameras
  • Underwater communications
  • Self propulsion "scooters"
  • Dive planes
  • Remotely operated underwater vehicle with camera
  • Side scan sonar

The team is also equipped with three different dive suits that are used to complete missions and protect the divers from exposure and injury.  Usage depends on weather and water conditions.

  • Normal neoprene suits
  • Semi-dry suits
  • sealed dry suits

The Shasta County Dive Team trains monthly in all the waters conditions such as lakes, receivers, streams, rivers, ponds, and canals which are prevalent in Shasta County.

Each year the team is called upon to perform its mission in a successful and safe manner.  Recovering loved ones, rescuing those in trouble, investigation of crimes, and the recovering of property remain the driving force and focus of this highly skilled team.​

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Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), has been in existence since 1983.  The team originally started with twelve members. Today's team has thirteen team members to include a tactical medical doctor who provides tactical emergency medical support not just to team members but to the public and suspects when needed. The SWAT team is a designated unit of law enforcement officers that is specifically trained and equipped to work as a coordinated team to respond to critical acts and other high risk incidents. As a matter of agency policy, the unit may be used to serve high risk warrants, both search and arrest, where public and officer safety issues compel the use of such a unit.

The SWAT team's mission capabilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Barricaded suspect searches
  • Warrant service
  • Hostage rescue operations
  • Mobile operations
  • Protective operations (VIP/Witness/Other)
  • Evacuation/rescue of individuals from high risk areas
  • Surrender call-out and arrest procedures
  • Chemical agent deployment
  • Kidnapping victim exchange/payoff
  • Extortion payoffs
  • Inner perimeter containment
  • Anti-sniper operations
  • Undercover officer back-up in high risk situations
  • Participate in Search and Rescue missions




 Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT)

Hostage Negotiation or crisis negotiation is a law enforcement technique used to communicate with people who are threatening violence and are possibly holding hostages. Our Hostage Negotiation Team specializes in active listening, empathy, and influential techniques.  HNT is usually initiated by the commander of OES.