Work Release

The Work Release office is open Monday thru Friday, closed on weekends and holidays; the hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This work program is a partnership with the Shasta County Probation Department Community Service Unit and the Home Electronic Confinement (HEC) program.

The Work Release Program allows qualified offenders, who have time to serve, to live at home and report to the work facility or other work site where they perform various public service work. In addition to saving the citizens the cost of providing in-custody housing for these offenders, fees are charged and collected from offenders that partially offsets the cost of the program.

Work release allows families to stay together and jobs to be continued so an offender´s financial obligations may be met. At the same time, the offender repays our community by doing public service work. Some of the services provided are road crews, cemetery cleanup crews, and growing fruits and vegetables in the 7-acre garden at the facility. The produce is utilized by the Main Jail, with surplus donated to various nonprofit organizations for distribution to the needy.