Rural Transit

Redding Area Bus Authority

The County’s Public Works Department administers the County’s transit operations and funding.  The County is a member of the Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA) joint powers authority. RABA provides public transportation in the urban areas of the County and some unincorporated areas of the County.

For more information on RABA services, visit RABA’s website at:

Burney Express

The County contracts with RABA to provide intercity transit service between Redding and the outlying community of Burney.  Three round trips are offered daily (Monday through Friday) to Redding from Burney. Routes schedules and fares are available on the RABA website.

Transit Notices

  • None at this time.        

Title VI Program and Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEP)

The County of Shasta (County) operates its transit programs and services without regard to race, color or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Vital documents, such as a Title VI complaint form, notice of a person’s rights under Title VI and other documents that provide access to the County’s transit programs, activities and services are translated into the language of each frequently encountered LEP group eligible to be served, or likely to be affected, by the County’s transit programs and service.

Shasta County Department of Public Works Title VI Program for Transit Projects

Language interpretive services are available upon request.

Notifying the Public of Rights Under Title VI

Notificación al Público de los Derechos Bajo el Título VI

ການແຈ້ງໃຫ້ ສາທາລະນະ ຂອງ ສິດທິ ພາຍໃຕ້ຫົວຂໍ້ VI

Filing a Complaint

Any person who believes that he/she, or as a member of any specific class of individuals, has been subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin with respect to the County’s transit programs, activities services, or other transit related benefits, may file a written complaint with the County or the Federal Transit Administration. 

Complaint Form

Formulario de Quejas