Signal & Sign Maintenance

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals provide for the control of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They assign right-of-way to the various traffic movements. When used properly, they provide for the orderly movement of traffic, increase the potential capacity of an intersection and reduce the frequency and severity of certain types of crashes.

There are only five signalized intersections in the unincorporated area of Shasta County. With so few traffic signals, the County contracts with the City of Redding for signal maintenance.


Signs provide regulations, guidance and information for the road user. The sign crew maintains nearly 11,000 signs. The County utilizes a night driving program to check the reflectivity of each sign on an annual basis. A traffic sign will last 5 to 7 years before it fading and requiring replacement. Other reasons for sign replacement include vandalism, accidents and theft. Most of the standard signs are recycled. The Department also operates a sign shop on an as-needed basis for emergencies and fabricating non-standard signs.