Veterans Hall Rate Schedule

Rate Schedule

Minimum Daily Rate (includes use of Main Hall, Kitchen, Stage) $500
Security/Cleaning Deposit $500
Instructional & Recreation Class Usage $50/hour with a 10-hour minimum. A security/cleaning deposit will be charged for instructional/ recreational class usage. Insurance costs will be in addition to this hourly charge and will vary with type of event and expected number of class attendees.
Liability Insurance If renter uses County's liability insurance, renter will be required to pay a premium to Facilities Management Division of Public Works Department. County's carrier sets insurance premiums annually.
If renter intends to serve alcohol and liability insurance is purchased through County, there will be an additional premium.
If exhibitors and/or concessionaires will be at the event and liability insurance is purchased through County, an additional premium will apply.
A renter who does not pay for County-provided liability insurance must demonstrate proof of coverage to the satisfaction of County Risk Manager.