Veterans Hall Cleaning

Cleaning Specifications


Empty all trash receptacles and exterior ashtrays. Take all trash outside to the garbage container located at the rear of the building on Placer Street. Trash cans must be cleaned inside and out and relined with new bags.


Everything must be cleaned and put away. All counter-tops, drain boards, sinks, tables and stove must be cleaned and sanitized. Refrigerators must be cleaned inside and out and all food removed.


Windows are to be cleaned and left without smears; use glass cleaner only. Clean all glass entry doors, windows located at rear stage, kitchen and restrooms.


Using your own chemicals, the entire restroom must be cleaned and sanitized. This includes all mirrors, sinks, walls/stalls, waste and sanitary napkin cans, dispensers, urinals, toilets and floors. Mopping equipment is located in the janitorial closet. The County will restock all paper products.

All floors must be dry dust mopped, then wet mopped using floor chemical. Take precaution that the correct chemical is used on the wood floors. Front and rear building entrances will need to be swept clean and all debris picked up.

Chairs and Tables:

All chair upholstery and chrome must be cleaned. The chairs must be stacked six high and put near bleachers in northwest corner of building. All tables must be cleaned and left standing. Tables left standing on edge or damaged will incur a cost to the Tenant. All table carts are to be stored near the bleachers in the northeast corner of the building. The only exceptions are the tables and chairs that are to be left on the stage per the diagram (Exhibit ā€œDā€).


Tenant is responsible for building security. Make sure all areas are checked for unauthorized people. Make sure all doors and door pins are locked, all windows closed, secured and locked before leaving the building or after the event.


Tenant is responsible for care and removal of anything they take into the building. If the building is not cleaned, we will clean it and charge the fee against your security/cleaning deposit. The average cost for Facilities Management to clean up after an event is $100 (2.5 hours labor & chemicals), however you will be billed the actual charges if Facilities Management performs custodial service. You will be required to pay for anything broken, vandalized, lost or stolen. Because the Hall may be rented again shortly after your event, it is important you clean immediately and return the key as soon as possible and no later then the next working day.

If you have any questions regarding information on this page, please call Bob at 225-5651 and leave a message.