Balls Ferry Boat Ramp

Dedication RockBalls Ferry, established in 1868, was initially a log embarkation point for Sutter's Fort. The ferry was first owned and operated by Major P. B. Reading. Ferry service was operated for 29 years before being replaced by a bridge. This area was dedicated in 1972 as a State of California Point of Historical Interest.

The Balls Ferry Boat Ramp provides public access to the Sacramento River. From the City of Anderson, take Deschutes Road to Balls Ferry Road.

EntranceThe 33 mile stretch of the Sacramento River between Balls Ferry Road and Red Bluff supports salmon and steelhead fishing. The riparian habitat along the river offers a diverse amount of wildlife. Beaver, deer, river otters, and the occasional coyote or mountain lion can often be seen along the river banks. Nearly 200 species of birds have been observed along the river.

RampRemember to practice boating safely and check river flow conditions before launching your boat. Be safe, be alert, and watch for potentially submerged obstacles in the river. Don't forget your sunscreen!