C. Troy Bartolomei, Deputy Director

The three divisions within Operations are Facilities Management, Road Operations, and County Service Areas (CSAs) Operations.

Road Operations

Shasta County Road Maintenance Crews maintain hundreds of miles of paved roads and unpaved and gravel shoulders, drainage ditches, gutters and culverts. Pavement maintenance includes surface treatments, crack sealing, and pothole patching. Roadside maintenance activities include snowplowing, mowing, weed spraying, brush removal, culvert and ditch maintenance, street sweeping and litter clean up. Such activities are necessary to eliminate potential hazards from the traveled way, maintain adequate visibility, support the road structure and allow storm water to readily exit the roadway.

In addition Special Crews are responsible for bridge maintenance, traffic striping, and signal and sign maintenance.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Division is responsible for maintaining approximately one million square feet of County buildings. Additionally, landscaping and grounds are maintained.

Facilities Management also administers the County's Fleet Management Program and manages Hat Creek Park, French Gulch Park, Balls Ferry Boat Ramp and the Redding Memorial Veterans Hall.

County Service Areas (CSAs) Operations

Public Works presently runs 10 active County Service Areas (CSAs). These are mostly small water and sewer systems. CSA No. 15 is a lighting district contracted with PG&E to maintain various clusters of street lights scattered across the County. CSA No. 1 is a fire protection district overseen by the Shasta County Fire Department.