Shasta County Water Agency

Sacramento RiverThe Shasta County Water Agency was established in 1957 to develop water resources for the beneficial use of the people of Shasta County. The Agency currently administers 1,022 acre-feet of Central Valley Project water that is subcontracted to private parties and other water purveyors in the County. The Water Agency also acts as staff to the Redding Area Water Council, a group dedicated to preserving the quantity and quality of water available in the Redding Basin. The Water Agency's governing body is the Shasta County Board of Supervisors.

In June 2007 Shasta County approved the Redding Basin Water Resources Management (RBWRM) Plan* to help ensure water supply reliability in the Redding Basin during a drought.

Shasta County is participating in the Northern Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management (NSVIRWM) Plan Group with Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Sutter, and Tehama counties. Information about this group is at:


The Redding Basin Water Resources Management Plan is the result of a cooperative effort of the Redding Area Water Council.

The Environmental Impact Report (PDF) was adopted on June 19, 2007, and provides "bookends" for transferring of up to 23,000 acre-feet of water through groundwater substitution and water use efficiency.

The Phase 2C Report (PDF) from August 2003 gives a clear picture of the needs of individual water districts within the Redding Groundwater Basin.