Traffic FAQ

Who enforces traffic laws in Shasta County?

The California Highway Patrol is the enforcing authority for traffic laws in the unincorporated areas of Shasta County. The Cities of Redding and Anderson have their own police departments. The City of Shasta Lake contracts with the County Sheriff for traffic enforcement.

What does the traffic division do?

The Traffic Division monitors various traffic statistics throughout the county. We collect vehicle volume, speed, and collision data and organize it into useful reports and maps. The division provides detailed analysis of roadway. performance and proposes solutions to a variety of traffic related problems. The division answers a variety of inquiries from the public on traffic related issues. The Division administers the county encroachment permit program, litter pick-up Adopt-A-Highway program. The departmental safety program, along with other special tasks, is assigned by the Director.

How can I obtain traffic data from the County?

Call the Public Works Department at (530) 225-5661. Traffic data can be provided by phone at the above number or by Email request to John Heath.

Can I have speed bumps installed in the county road to slow speeding vehicles?

Speed bumps are not allowed on county roads. The current state of practice is to install speed ?humps? (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, p. 2C-20). They have several drawbacks. They make both safe and unsafe drivers slow down to traverse them. This in effect punishes everyone for the recklessness of a few. They can be an impediment to emergency vehicles. Drivers with chronic illnesses/injuries may experience pain in driving over speed bumps. A properly designed speed bump/hump forces vehicles to slow to approximately 10 MPH. Inattentive drivers, traveling at the posted speed, can damage their vehicle if they fail to slow for the bump/hump.

How can I stop commercial vehicles from using the road near my home?

California Vehicle Code Sections 35712 through 35714 allow local jurisdictions to prohibit, by ordinance, commercial vehicles from using selected roads. Two criteria must be met before the county would consider prohibiting commercial vehicles on a road. There must be a viable alternative route for the trucks. A substantial majority of affected citizens (70% must sign a petition) on the road must agree with the prohibition. Even if an ordinance is adopted, certain exceptions would apply. Commercial vehicles can still pickup and deliver goods to homes and businesses. Public utility vehicles are exempt. Vehicles delivering construction materials to projects on the road are exempt.

My neighbor has put a fence/gate across a private road. This obstacle cuts off access to my property. Can the county remove the fence/gate?

Because it is a private road, the county cannot intervene. You will need to seek legal counsel to resolve the access issue if your neighbor refuses to remove the obstacle.

Can I put up my own sign in the County's right-of-way?

No, only regulatory, advisory, and guide signs for traffic purposes are allowed in the county right-of-way. Signs placed outside the county right-of-way are regulated by planning and zoning ordinances administered by the Planning Division of Resource Management.