Fish & Game Fine Fund

What is the Fish and Game Fine Fund?

The County is responsible for the disbursement of the County's fish and wildlife propagation fund. Monies in this fund accumulate from fines assessed for State Fish and Game violations.

When is funding available?

The County calls for project proposals on a triennial basis. The recent cycle of awards was in the fiscal year 2010/2011.

Who can apply?

Grants are available to agencies, organizations, individuals, and groups.

What projects qualify?

Projects must follow Section 13103 of the Fish and Game Code Projects are limited to the following:

  • Public education relating to fish and wildlife conservation
  • Temporary emergency care of injured or orphaned wildlife
  • Breeding, raising, purchasing or releasing fish or wildlife upon approval of Fish and Game
  • Improvement of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Construction, maintenance, and operation of public fish hatcheries
  • Predator control actions that will benefit a particular wildlife species
  • Scientific fish and wildlife research conducted by institutions of higher learning
  • Contributions to Secret Witness programs for enforcement of this code
  • Other approved expenditures for the purpose of protecting, conserving, propagating and preserving fish and wildlife

When can I apply?

The next cycle of grant awards is unknown at this time. Please watch newspapers or our website for a call for projects.

What happens if I qualify?

Projects are scored and the highest ranking projects may be awarded Fish and Game grants by the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. Grantees must complete a Personal Services Agreement with the County and provide proof of liability insurance. Projects may be monitored for project completion and for the intent awarded.