Encroachment Permits

When is an Encroachment Permit Required?

An encroachment permit is required from the Department of Public Works when work is done within the public right-of-way, on county-owned land, and/or within a county easement. Encroachment permits are not issued for work done on private property; this is handled through the Building Division of the Resource Management Department. However, if work is done within a county easement on private property, the permit application would be handled through the Department of Public Works office and possibly also require input from the Building Division.

What does an Encroachment Permit consist of?

Encroachment permits consist of 4 different sections:

  • The application
  • Applicant's drawings and specifications for the project
  • Request for inspection procedure
  • A permit number must be issued by the County before a permit is considered valid.

How long is an Encroachment Permit valid?

The length of time of a permit is generally 6 months. Permits can have longer duration. Details on permit duration would be worked out at the time the permit is approved. If an extension is desired, it must be requested before the permit expires. Once the permit expires, a new encroachment permit application must be filed.

How much does an Encroachment Permit cost?

The cost of an encroachment permit varies depending on the type and cost of the improvements being constructed. The basic fee for a permit is $80.00. Large projects may require inspection and performance deposits.

What else do I need in order to comply with Encroachment Permit conditions?

In order to issue a valid encroachment permit, the County may require insurance on large projects. In instances where the County Engineer determines the public is at risk from the work being performed under the encroachment permit, a traffic control plan will be required if the work site impacts a public street.

What are the most important points to remember before digging in the public right-of-way?

It is important to remember the following important points when working in the public right-of-way.

  • Delineate the site. It is mandatory that the proposed excavation site be outlined with white paint or stakes.
  • Dial before you dig. Section 4216/4217 of the Government Code requires a DigAlert Identification Number be issued before a permit to excavate is valid. To obtain a DigAlert Identification Number, call Underground Service Alert at TOLL FREE 1-800-227-2600, no sooner that 14 and no later than 2 days prior to commencing excavation activities.
  • Responsibility for damage: If damage to underground utilities results from excavation activities, the permittee will be charged the cost of repairing the damaged utility and a fine.
  • Make only one call and save time: Only one call is required to the DigAlert number to have all underground lines on the project site located and marked before excavation begins. An excavation permit does not imply freedom of responsibility for damage to underground utilities. The DigAlert process helps to expedite projects by eliminating and searching for underground utilities.
  • Everyone should call, not just professionals. Calling is just as important for property owners as it is for plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers, swimming pool builders or anyone else.
  • Benefits of obtaining DigAlert number - Planned excavation can proceed with confidence because underground facilities have been marked as required by law. Disruption of service, accidents, injuries and unnecessary repair costs may be prevented.

Where do I apply for an Encroachment Permit?

Encroachment permits can be obtained from the Shasta County Department of Public Works, 1855 Placer St., Redding CA, 96001. They may be obtained in person at the Public Works Counter on weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Simple permits may be processed over the counter on the same day they are submitted. Complex permits may require a few weeks to process.  For further information you may call the Department of Public Works at (530) 225-5661 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Encroachment Permit

Permit may be printed, completed, and returned to the Shasta County Department of Public Works or submitted electronically to encroachmentpermits@co.shasta.ca.us. Applicant must complete the following information: PERMITTEE, Location of Encroachment, A.P. #, and Location Map. The remainder of the form will be completed by the County