Cassel-Fall River Road at Pit River Bridge Replacement

Cassel-Fall River Approach

Background Information

The six-span reinforced concrete “T” girder bridge was constructed in 1922. Federal Aid funding to replace the functionally obsolete bridge was programmed in 2008.  Biological and cultural resource surveys required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the Natural Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) began in 2010. With sensitive resources determined to be present, additional studies were ordered in 2012. All environmental studies have been completed and NEPA and CEQA clearances have been obtained.


The bridge is located approximately 0.3 miles south east of State Route 299 on Cassel Fall River Road in Fall River Mills, California.

Project Description

The Shasta County Department of Public Works is preparing to replace the existing six-span, 300-foot long by 23.7-foot wide Cassel-Fall River Road Bridge over the Pit River with a new three-span, 300-foot long by 32.7-foot wide precast concrete girder bridge on a parallel alignment downstream of the existing bridge. The western approach will require approximately 390 feet of realignment and 60 feet of additional approach road work, while the eastern approach will require approximately 220 feet of roadway realignment and 130 feet of additional approach road work. The new bridge will be up to three feet higher at the deck to maintain the same soffit elevation since the new structure will be deeper than the existing. The existing bridge will remain open until the new bridge is open to traffic at which time the old bridge will be demolished and removed.

General Plan (Drawing)


Bridge Replacement Project: Right of Way Process

Bridge Foundation Project: Repairs have been completed. On October 24, 2016, Caltrans rescinded the closure order. The bridge has been reopened to the public.

Contact Information

Charleen Beard, Supervising Engineer
Phone: (530) 245-6806

Catherine Low, Associate Engineer
Phone: (530) 245-6815