Current Projects


  • 2021 SB-1 Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Deschutes Road Widening - Phase II
  • Riverland Drive Road Widening


  • Ash Creek Road at Sacramento River Overflow
  • Bear Mountain Road at Deep Hole Creek Bridge
  • Cassel-Fall River Road at Pit River Bridge Replacement
  • Fern Road East at Glendenning Creek Bridge
  • Gas Point Road at No Name Ditch Box Culvert Replacement
  • Lower Gas Point Road at Northfork Cottonwood Creek
  • Nelson Creek Road at Nelson Creek Bridge
  • Parkville Road at Ash Creek Bridge
  • Soda Creek Road at Soda Creek Bridge 
  • Spring Creek at Fall River Bridge
  • Whiskey Creek Road at Whiskey Creek Bridge


  • Jail Accessibility Improvements
  • Painting the Exterior of the Adult Services Building
  • Shasta County Riverside Avenue Fire Station 47
  • Shasta County Energy Retrofit Project


  • CSA 17-Cottonwood WWTP Improvements