Al Cathey, Deputy Director

The five divisions within Engineering are Development Services, Bridge Design & Administration, Road Design & Administration/Traffic, Special Projects, and Solid Waste Engineering.

Development Services

The Development Services Division is responsible for the administration of Permanent Road Divisions (PRDs); assessment districts; County Surveyor functions; CSA Community Advisory Boards; CSA formations, annexations, and engineering; subdivision and encroachment field inspections; flood plain administration; land use projects review, approval, and inspection; and issues encroachmentspecial event, and transportation permits.

Traffic Impact Fees (TIF) - There are three TIF zones in Shasta County: County Wide TIF, South County TIF, and Deschutes Interchange TIF. The Deschutes Interchange TIF is in addition to other TIF fees. TIF Zone Map

  • The County Wide TIF is $800 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU).
  • The South County TIF is adjusted annually on December 1st. There are two zones within the South County Area. As of December 1, 2020, the fees are:
  • The Deschutes Interchange TIF is adjusted annually on August 1st. As of August 1, 2020, the fee is $992.47 per EDU.

Fee Schedule
Map Statements
Development Standards Manual
Erosion and Sediment Control Standards Design Manual

Bridge Design & Administration

The Bridge Design and Administration Division designs and administers the construction of bridge projects. Bridge projects include bridge replacement, bridge rehabilitation, seismic retrofit, and bridge railing upgrades.  Additionally, the Division is responsible for the Shasta County Water Agency.

Road Design & Administration/Traffic

The Road Design and Administration Division designs and administers the construction of road projects and provides traffic engineering services. Road projects include realignment, reconstruction, overlays, and chip seals. Traffic engineering includes speed limits, stop signs, and traffic signals. For frequently asked questions please see Traffic FAQ's. Additionally, the division includes the Right-of-Way office, which oversees public property acquisition and disposals. 

Special Projects (Capital Projects)

The Special Projects Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the design and contract administration of the County's capital improvements. Capital projects are all new County buildings and facilities, and remodels of existing buildings and facilities over $60,000. The County utilizes consultants for most architectural services. Contract administration is done with County staff. The Division is also responsible for the Fall River Mills Airport, special studies and reports, labor compliance, and functions as the Department's Safety Officer.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the design and contract administration of the West Central Landfill*, garbage services, transfer stations, septage ponds, and fuel tanks. For more information on waste reduction, recycling, and free household hazardous waste and tire disposal events, visit the County’s Waste Reduction and Recycling webpage.

*The West Central Landfill is owned by the County of Shasta and operated by the City of Redding Solid Waste Utility. For fees, driving directions, and further information visit the City of Redding Solid Waste Website.