Accounting & Finance

Ken Cristobal, Deputy Director - Administration
Accounting & Finance Services

Finance and Budget

The division is responsible for budget preparation, research and administration, and financial planning, analysis and reporting. Responsibilities include coordination and input of the annual budgets, preparation of an annual Indirect Cost Plan and the annual Road Report, preparation of financial reports, implementation of business systems and ad hoc reporting systems, and maintaining the financial integrity of accounting records, transactions and systems. The division administers 95 budget units, including Roads, Solid Waste, Facilities Management, Water Agency, Capital Projects, County Service Areas, Permanent Road Divisions and Fall River Mills Airport. Additionally, the Division is responsible for administering the Fish and Game Fine Fund and Title III projects.


Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable: Staff processes business transactions, assures expenditures are in compliance with appropriation and budgetary constraints and processes payments to vendors, contractors and suppliers. The accounting staff receipts and processes for deposit all payments received in the division. They also prepare and send invoices to both internal and external customers for services provided by various Public Works divisions.

Personnel and Payroll are two more areas of responsibility. New hires for the department are processed through this office, coordinating with the central County Personnel department. Timekeeping is maintained through an internal cost accounting system, providing data to the central County Payroll department for disbursement of employee payroll checks.

County Service Areas: administration is located here, with bi-monthly *billings being generated, payments taken, records maintained and coordination with field personnel initiated as required.

CSA after hours emergency service: (530) 225-5571
Email for CSAs: Tina Carlin

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Reception and the switchboard for the Department of Public Works are located in this office. Employees answer phones, distribute mail, prepare receipts for payments, order supplies, and provide information and help to customers.