Application Help

If, prior to or while filling out the COR petition, the applicant has any questions or concerns about, or any factors the Court may deem important when filing the COR in the Superior Court, the following California rehabilitative agencies must, upon request of the applicant, provide assistance to him or her (see Penal Code ยง4852.04):

  • Adult probation of the county;
  • All state parole officers; and
  • In the case of persons under the age of 30, from the Juvenile Division of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (formerly known as the California Youth Authority, or CYA).

It is recommended that when approaching one of these named entities for assistance with your COR petition, you bring a copy of this Penal Code provision. Most, if not all of these entities are probably unaware of their mandatory statutory obligation to assist a COR applicant in filling out the initial COR petition.

Also, subject to your ability to pay, you may seek the advice of a private attorney, or contact a legal services office near you and ask about any clinics or other free legal services available to assist COR applicants.

Source: Office of the Governor, Legal Affairs Secretary, California; Penal Code