What is a Formal Probate Proceeding?

Answer: If the value of an estate is in excess of $150,000, it is the legal method of seeing that the creditors of an estate are paid and that the remaining property in the estate is distributed to the entitled persons. This process is carried out by the executor/administrator of the estate under the supervision of the Probate Division of the Superior Court.

Is There a less complicated way of handling small estates?

Answer: If an estate is valued at less than $150,000 there are other options that involve little or no court involvement. You may want to seek legal advise if you are unsure what forms to file.

Should a Beneficiary Hire an Attorney to Represent His or Her Interests if the Public Administrator is Acting as Administrator?

Answer: The rights of heirs and beneficiaries are fixed by law. It is usually not necessary to hire an attorney because legal work is handled by the attorney for the Public Administrator. However, if your right to inherit is not clear, is challenged or substantial claims are made against the estate, you would be advised to retain legal counsel to represent your interests. The fees for such legal representation are your obligation and are not payable by the estate.

Is The Public Administrator Bonded?

Answer: The Public Administrator has no Official Bond as Shasta County is self-insured.