River's Edge Academy

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Carla Stevens, Division Director
Dave Winklepleck, REA Supervising Juvenile Detention Officer

Program Description

On April 12, 2021, the department opened the River’s Edge Academy (REA), a new in-custody commitment treatment and camp program.  The REA provides local treatment options for youth, ages 14-17, and offers a safe and effective alternative to out of county placement, that allows youth to remain in their community and stay connected to their pro-social and family support systems. It allows youth to continue to receive educational services and support from the Shasta County Office of Education and local school districts. Many youth already have established relationships with providers in the community and the Academy allows for continued evidenced-based treatment services from these same providers.

The REA is located on one of the housing pods in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility (JRF) that has been transformed to resemble aspects of a treatment program while maintaining compliance with state rules and regulations. The Academy provides a treatment environment based on the Five Stages of Change and, as youth advance through the stages, they will earn privileges and will have the opportunity to participate in off-site events, activities, and utilize home passes. A mental health clinician is on site serving youth and families in the program along with extensive cognitive behavioral and substance use disorder treatment.

Camp components such as a regimented schedule, physical training, environmental projects, and community service have been integrated into the curriculum. Children and Family Team (CFT) meetings and transition planning are an important component of the Academy to assure a continuum of treatment is available to enhance success as youth reenter the community. Up to 15 youth will be served in this program.

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