The Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility Court School is administered by the Shasta County Office of Education. It is located inside the Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility and is staffed with two full-time teachers, a resource teacher, and two full-time Instructional Assistants.

With brand state approved text books and computers in each classroom, we are able to provide up-to-date curriculum and technology for our varied student population. Each student is given individualized assignments according to their grade level, academic ability and requirements towards successfully completing a high school education. We offer the High School Exit Exam three times a year for those students who are required to take it.

The staff at the Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility Juvenile Court School is committed to working with the youth and assisting them to learn and move forward in their lives.  The Juvenile Court School staff is proud to work hand-in-hand with Shasta County Probation Department in a team approach to best fill the needs of those minors we serve.