You may send letters and other material under the following conditions:

  • A maximum of 4 pictures can be mailed at any given time.
  • The photos are not to exceed 5x7 and must not be framed, accessorized or in Polaroid format.
  • Pictures, letters and/or drawings depicting violence, sex, drugs, alcohol or gang affiliation are prohibited.
  • Business size envelopes are the largest accepted, any envelope that is larger is considered a package and will be returned to sender.

Mail Rules

  • All incoming mail to the minors must be processed and delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • No musical greeting cards, stationary, stamps, writing materials or any food items are allowed.
  • Stickers, confetti or any other letter accessory items are considered contraband and are not accepted.
  • Do not send any money or packages.
  • Residents can receive during regular visiting pre-metered envelopes (no stamps or plain envelopes). You can purchase metered envelopes from the USPS.
  • The facility provides one (1) paid letter to a parent or guardian per day and one (1) paid letter to a friend per week.
  • Remember, all mail to minors must have the following information printed outside a plain envelope:
    • Name of Sender
    • Return Address
    • Minor’s Full Name
    • Facility Address

Telephone Calls

  • Your child will have reasonable access to a telephone and will be able to place outgoing.
  • The number of calls a resident can make is determined by the level system.
  • NCIC Inmate Phone Services provide the system that allows outgoing calls. The phone calls are collect unless a family sets up a Prepaid Destination Account. You may call NCIC at 1-800-943-2189 to ask questions about the system or set up an account.
  • No incoming calls to a resident shall be accepted.