JJC 2021

Juvenile Justice Commission

Sections 225 through 331 of the California State Welfare and Institutions Code mandates the existence of a Juvenile Justice Commission in each county throughout the state. The Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) is composed of seven to fifteen community volunteers, appointed by four-year terms by the Presiding Juvenile Judge of the Shasta County Superior Court. Up to two youth members (ages 14 to 21) are eligible and encouraged to apply for membership.

The JJC is state mandated to be responsible for inspections of all local institutions and facilities housing juveniles. Inspection results and recommendations are reported in writing and sent to the Juvenile Court and the Board of State and Community Corrections. The JJC is also state mandated to be responsible for nominating Probation Officers to be appointed by a judge.

In addition, the JJC provides support and encouragement to agencies, organizations, and individuals in the community who are providing services that help to prevent juvenile delinquency. The JJC assures that needed services are identified, developed, and provided for youth in Shasta County, and they advocate for services that are needed within the Juvenile Justice System.

The JJC meets on a quarterly basis.

For questions, please contact Twyla Carpenter, tmcarpenter@co.shasta.ca.us, or Chief Tracie Neal, tneal@co.shasta.ca.us

JJC Appointments/Commissioners 

Robert Stephen MacFarland, Chair
Yuvonne Tate
Barbara Jean Van Dyke
Susan Mary Duncan
Cindy Vogt
Betty Cunningham
Troy Foster
Jennifer Richards
Youth Member
Youth Member
Youth Member