Shasta Complete Count Committee

About Shasta Complete Count Committee

In collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau, California State's Census Office and the County of Shasta, the Shasta Complete Count Committee (SCCC) is excited to be part of the 2020 U.S Census Initiative in Shasta County.

Serving the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Shasta County, SCCC is comprised of a cross section of representatives across our community; government, community leaders, organization representatives and private citizens. Each member serves an important role; providing their knowledge and expertise in the communities they serve. The primary focus is to encourage Shasta County community residents respond to the Census 2020 questionnaire to help ensure a fair and accurate Census count for Shasta County.

Together, we can ensure every resident in Shasta County is informed, engaged and valued in the census process. We will make every effort to engage our friends, families, colleagues and neighbors in their chosen language, break down barriers to participation, such as not having access to a computer, and mitigate security concerns of our fellow residents who may not feel safe sharing their information with the government.


To ensure a complete count Census 2020 count and obtain maximum resources for Shasta County through engaging hard-to-count populations and marginalized communities.


Mobilize and educate the public to ensure an accurate, fair and inclusive count of Shasta County population during the 2020 Census.

Guiding Values

Engagement, Inclusivity and Integrity

 The SCCC meets the 2nd Friday of every month  in the Caldwell Conference located on the 2nd Floor of the Redding City Hall at 777 Cypress Avenue., Redding.

The following local governments, agencies, and organizations are part of the Shasta Complete Count Committee:

Shasta County Community Action Agency
Shasta County Health & Human Services Agency 
Shasta County Elections 
Shasta County GIS 
Shasta County Office of Education
City of Redding 
City of Shasta Lake 
United Way of Northern California 
LGBQT Communities 
Shasta Regional Community Foundation 
League of Women Voters 
We Care A Lot Foundation 
Access Homes 
The Sikh Center 
The Beloved Community

Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect

SCCC Meeting