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Resource Family Approval

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Shasta County is a Resource Family Approval (RFA) program county.  RFA is a streamlined method of assessing caregivers which combines elements of foster care licensing, relative home assessment, adoption assessment, and guardianship assessment into one streamlined process.

What does a Resource Family look like? Just like yours.

parentsShasta County Resource Homes provide care to children who are experiencing a traumatic event in their lives. These children are dependents of the court, wards of the Juvenile Justice System or voluntarily placed by their parents. Sibling groups are kept together whenever possible. Families with children, childless couples, single people and retirees are among the many types of people who make wonderful caregivers. The commitment ranges from a few weeks to several months or more. Caregivers receive money to help pay for the child’s living expenses and medical care is covered by Medi-Cal. Training and support are provided, and specialized training is offered through a collaborative effort with Shasta College.

Resource Family choices include:

  • Temporary caregiving: This allows you to care for children who need a safe and loving place to live while they are waiting to either return home or be adopted.
  • Kinship care: Relatives and non-relative extended family members may care for a child.  
  • Fost-Adopt: This program allows you to become the caregiver of a child that you wish to adopt.
  • Respite care: If you aren't ready to take in a child, you can provide respite care for other Resource Families who need a break.

If you or someone you know has room in their heart and home for a child, please contact the Resource Family Approval, Options and Kinship Unit at 225-5554.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the first steps to becoming a Resource Family? Is the Resource Family Approval process difficult? Find these answers and many more.

Upcoming events:

Interested in becoming a caregiver? Learn more at a Resource Family Approval Orientation meeting: 

RFA training schedule for 2019              

Pre-Approval is available to those with an application on file and interested in becoming a Resource Family home with the county or those who are currently licensed with Shasta County. Classes are held in McFall Hall at 1628 Market Street. Registration is required prior to attendance. Please contact: (530) 229-8092 to register.

RFA Training SeriesInformation on caring for children that have experienced trauma and are involved with the child welfare system.  Topics include care of substance exposed children, trauma and attachment, challenging behaviors and much more. This series is 36 training hours over 12 days - to be completed within the first year of approval.

CPR/First Aid Classes (For current caregiver updates and new caregivers in process of Resource Family Approval) (4 hours). 

Resource Family Approval:

Located in the Clinical and Permanency Services Office

1620 Market Street, Redding, CA 96001

Contact: (530) 225-5650

More resources:


Support for Resource Parents Page


Shasta County Health and Human Services provides adoption services for Shasta County children who need a family to provide love, stability and permanence. Adoption permanently transfers parental rights from birth parents to adoptive parents, who become that child's "forever family." It means giving children the love and understanding they need to develop to their full potential.

The Adoptive Parent

We are seeking mature adults who have a stable family life, regular income, good health and a willingness to accept an adopted child as their own. Single parents can adopt, also. If you are flexible, patient, loving, caring and committed, you might have what it takes to adopt a child. Successful adoptive parents:

  • Are family oriented and ready to parent
  • Make and keep their commitments
  • Are flexible and able to adjust to the unexpected and unknown
  • Know that parenting is a skill and take advantage of opportunities to improve those skills
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Are risk takers
  • Care deeply about children
  • Feel that giving a child a family of his/her own is the most important thing they can do
  • Have a strong family and neighborhood support system
  • Enjoy even the smallest steps of progress
  • Above all, they value their newly adopted child for what he or she can accomplish and appreciate the child's unique qualities

The Process

The first step in adopting a child is to attend an orientation meeting (dates and times listed above), where you learn about the process and available children. After an orientation meeting, you will complete an application packet to determine the types of children that you would be willing and able to take into your home. This helps provide a good match for both you and the child.

Once the paperwork has been submitted, the home study begins. This allows the social worker can get to know you and help you learn whether adoption is right for your family. This allows us to make the best possible match. Social workers remain involved with families throughout the adoptive process until the adoption is finalized (and they can also provide support after the adoption). In most cases, financial assistance is available to help parents with the legal, medical and living costs associated with caring for a child with special needs.  Learn more about the process here.

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions 
Post-adoption assistance
What is Required of Adoptive Parents

For recent data on children in foster care go to: http://cssr.berkeley.edu/ucb_childwelfare


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