Safe Medicine Disposal Kiosks are now available

Did you know?

More than 50% of abusers are known to obtain the medication they abuse from family and friends for free. Also, most medications are not removed though normal water-treatment processes when flushed down the toilet, so they end up in the environment and groundwater.

The Safe Medicine Disposal Program provides the Shasta County community the opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted, unused and/or expired medications.

To use the kiosks:

  • Remove medications from their container and place them in a zip-type bag. It is OK to mix multiple medications into the same zip-type bag. All liquids, powders and ointments should be tightly sealed, left in their original container and placed in a zip-type bag.
  • Remove any identifying information.
  • Empty bottles should be recycled at home.
  • Please do not deposit illegal substances, pill bottles, needles or other sharps, thermometers, IV bags and bloody or infectious waste into the kiosks.
  • The disposal kiosks are for individual or family use only and are not intended for use by nursing homes, group homes, medical facilities, pharmacies, doctor’s offices or other businesses.

For more information about medication abuse and the Safe Medicine Disposal Kiosk Program, call (530) 225-5410.

Partners: Shasta County Public Health, Shasta County Chemical People, A Sobering Choice Coalition, Redding Police Department, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and Anderson Police Department.

Looking for where you can safely dispose of sharps? Click here for locations.

Purchase of the kiosks was made possible by Redding East Rotary, Anderson Rotary, Anderson Lions Club, Anderson Kiwanis, Burney/Fall River Rotary, Shasta County Chemical People, A Sobering Choice Coalition, and NoRxAbuse Coalition.

Kiosk Locations:

    Outdoors at:
    • Redding Police Department, 777 Cypress Ave. Available 24/7
    • Anderson Police Department, 2220 North St. Available 24/7
    • City of Shasta Lake Sheriff’s Office, 4488 Red Bluff Dr. Available 24/7 
    • Shasta County Sheriff's Office, 20509 Shasta St., Burney Available 24/7


 Disposal kiosks now available at these Owens Pharmacies:


Owens Pharmacy #1

2025 Court Street, Suite A – open M-F 9am-6pm and on Saturday 9am-1pm

Owens Pharmacy #2

2880 Churn Creek Rd. Suite A- Open M-F 9am-6PM

Owens Pharmacy #17

317 Lake Blvd, Suite B Open M-F 9AM-6pm


Owens Pharmacy #3 Open 9am - 6 pm

2975 East St.


Owens Pharmacy #18 Open 9am - 6pm

50 Nugget Lane