Safely Dispose of Medicine at Free Disposal Kiosks


Did you know?

Over 70% of those who abuse prescription medications get them from a friend or family, often finding them easily within the home. Flushing medicines increases pollution of our water. 

Help keep friends, family, and our environment safe by disposing medication at one of the following free medication disposal kiosks:


kiosk no background                24/7 Outdoor Locations

              Redding Police Department

                     855 Cypress Avenue

              Anderson Police Department

                      2220 North Street

         City of Shasta Lake Sheriff's Office

                     4488 Red Bluff Street

       Shasta County Sheriff's Burney Office

                    20509 Shasta Street

Owens Pharmacy Locations (9am - 6 pm)                                                   


2025 Court Street, Suite A

2880 Churn Creek Road, Suite A

317 Lake Boulevard, Suite B


2975 East Street


50 Nugget Lane

To Use the Kiosk:

· Place medications in ziplock bag.

· Liquids, powders, and ointments are o.k. if tightly capped in container with identifying information removed and then placed in a ziplock bag.

· Do not place sharps or illegal drugs in the kiosk

For more information on medication abuse and safe medicine disposal call 229-8417                           

Prescription and other drug abuse prevention information:                          

Shasta County’s Prescription Abuse Coalition information:


Partners: Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency, Shasta County Chemical People, A Sobering Choice Coalition, Redding Police Department, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and Anderson Police Department.