Provider News Winter 2015 - Mental health resources

Many mental health resources available

If you are wondering if a patient should be referred to Shasta County mental health services, here is what you need to know before calling the ACCESS line at 225-5252 to talk to staff about a triage.

Shasta County Mental Health serves adults with a serious mental illness that significantly impairs their lives, including housing, employment or relationships. We also serve youth with serious emotional disturbances that cause problems with school, forming relationships and reaching developmental milestones. We can serve anyone experiencing a severe mental health crisis, but for ongoing services, our primary clientele are those on Medi-Cal.

If you are treating someone who may qualify, they can call or come in and talk to the ACCESS team at any time. The team is recovery-focused and will discuss available options. If the client doesn’t qualify for County services, the ACCESS Team will try to connect them with other community resources. The County provides these services:

  • Adult Services: Help for adults who have severe and persistent mental health issues. Our treatment planning team includes psychiatrists, nurses, case managers, clinicians and peer support.
  • Crisis Residential and Recovery Center: A voluntary residential facility that provides people with support during a mental health crisis. Clients stabilize here and develop a plan for their future.
  • Alcohol and Drug Services: Available to adults and youth struggling with addiction.

To start services, clients can walk in 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Services are first come- first serve, so there may be a wait. Providers can call ahead to see what the best route is for the client. Physicians can call for a consult with a psychiatrist if needed.

If you have a client who solely needs counseling or someone to talk to, you can contact Beacon Health Strategies at (855) 765-9703. Beacon provides care for more moderate mental health issues.