Provider News Summer 2015 - Travel

Help patients protect themselves from overseas diseases with a travel consultation

Mercy Family Health Clinic is offering comprehensive travel consult appointments that will include:

  • Country specific counseling on recommended and required immunizations with appropriate documentation for entry into country
  • Administration of those vaccines to the patient at the time of service
  • Country-specific antimalarial chemoprophylaxis
  • Prescriptions for stand-by antibiotics for traveler’s diarrhea
  • Large group travel appointments

The clinic also offers country-specific information and preventive measures that travelers can take to prevent other diseases for which there are no vaccines. Information on crime, safety, food and water precautions, consulate information, mosquito bite prevention, disease outbreaks, security issues, altitude illness, and flight health and also provides maps to the traveler from a website called Travax (paid subscription).

Travelers should make appointments at least two months before their departure dates. To make an appointment, call 225-7800.