Medical Professionals

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Medical care plays an important role in keeping a community healthy and safe. From reporting communicable disease and giving immunizations to advocating for healthy and safe environments, Shasta County's health care providers support public health efforts every day. We offer local information on diseases to keep you current on health trends and assist your patients.

530-225-5591 or 1-800-971-1999
FAX 530-225-5074

For after business hours calls, please use the following number: 530-339-9940.


Online Disease Reporting in Shasta County 

Shasta County is part of CalREDIE, a database which allows users to report a disease incident online and to print an electronic receipt. Many providers find it faster and easier to use the secure online reporting system than faxing or mailing paper copies of Confidential Morbidity Report forms.

A CalREDIE Provider Portal FAQ sheet is available here.

If you have questions or need assistance with registering for CalREDIE, call (530) 245-6875 and ask to speak with the CalREDIE administrator.

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