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Nutrition and Physical Activity Monthly
Theme Toolkits for Schools

Nutrition and Physical Activity Monthly Theme Toolkits for Schools are designed to increase awareness of nutrition and physical activity on school campuses. Each month during the school year, a new toolkit educates the school community on a different aspect of nutrition or physical activity. Themes include: Health is Academic; Healthy Classrooms; Portion Distortion; How Much Are You Really Eating & Moving?; Good vs. Bad Fats; Go for Color; Active Learning; and Stop the Pop.

Each toolkit contains:

  • one display board for teacher and adult education
  • one bulletin board poster for student education
  • one classroom nutrition lesson for teachers to use with students
  • one classroom physical activity lesson for teachers to use with students
  • one newsletter article for the school newsletter

We are in the process of updating the links on this page. In the meantime, request any of these materials by contacting Phyllis West at (530) 229-8474.


January - How Much Are You Really Eating and Moving?
Teaches students how to calculate total calories and how to burn extra energy. By identifying the number of calories burned through common activities, students can learn how to keep off extra pounds that can increase the risk of diseases.

February - Good vs. Bad Fats
Compares the different types of fats we eat, because many people assume all fats in foods are unhealthy. The overall message is to keep portions of fatty foods small and be physically active every day to maintain a healthy weight.

March - Go For Color
Shows how important it is to get a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet every day. Students will learn about eating fruits and vegetables from each of the five color groups and how to fit physical activity into their daily lives.

April - Active Learning - 60 Minutes Everyday
Teaches students the importance of getting 60 minutes of physical activity every day and offers fun and creative ideas to achieve their fitness goals. This kit also includes education on the harmful effects of television and why it prevents kids from getting enough exercise.

May - Stop the Pop
Provides education on the harmful effects of soda on a person's body. Includes ideas for choosing healthier drinks.

Note: The bulletin board graphics for Rethink Your Drink are copyrighted materials and were used by permission from the Calgary Health Region, Oral Health Education.

September - Health is Academic
Discusses the connection between physical activity, proper nutrition and academic achievement. Includes information on why creating a healthy school environment is essential to students' health and success.

October - Healthy Classrooms
Discusses how classroom parties, treats used as classroom rewards, food fundraisers, and snacks affect health. Includes ideas for schools to provide foods that teach good nutrition through positive experiences and role modeling.

November/December - Portion Distortion
Relates portion sizes of foods to everyday items as an easy way to help children and adults visualize what a true serving size looks like. The goal is to teach students how to recognize appropriate serving sizes and learn fun ways to burn off extra calories.