Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

David Martinez

A Whitmore resident and Winnemem Wintu tribal member, David shares how he found peace after struggling with PTSD, racism and addiction. Watch his introductory video above and SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE




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Sara Fabila

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

"My addiction was a disease that needed treatment. It was not a moral failing." Redding resident and Shasta College student Sara Fabila shares how she survived domestic violence, PTSD and addiction in her journey to recovery. Watch the intro movie above and SEE HER FULL GALLERY HERE.

Michael Bennett

Burney resident Michael Bennett shares how he has learned to become independent and connect with other people after struggling with depression and epilepsy.SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE.

J Vance

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Redding Artist J Vance discusses his lifelong struggle with mental illness, which has included several hospitalizations. Yet the one constant in his life has been his art and the peace he finds through it. SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE.

Dairrien Call

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Dairrien Call, a recent Anderson New Technology graduate, shares in his Brave Faces gallery how music, therapy and support from friends has helped him deal with depression, bullying and suicidal thoughts. Watch his video above and THEN SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE.

Iris Sanders 

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Redding resident Iris Sanders discusses her long journey through major depression to find mental wellness and peace with the help of therapies, Buddhism and the support of friends and her husband.

Watch the introductory video and then SEE HER FULL GALLERY HERE.


Mary Graham

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Burney resident Mary Graham shares how major depression is an everyday struggle and how support from loved ones and medication has helped her greatly. SEE HER FULL GALLERY HERE.