Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Danielle Brewster 

Shasta County resident Danielle Brewster shares how tragedy, hurtful racism and other factors led her to a deep depression, and how the support of her family and wife and the medicine of her culture helped her to move forward. Watch the introductory video above and see her full story here.


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Amanda Flowers Peterson

A Redding resident, mother of two and Community Health Advocate, Amanda shares how she learned to deal with anger issues that stemmed from a traumatic past, including the loss of her best friend as a teenager. Watch the introductory video and then SEE HER FULL GALLERY HERE.

Kristen McChristian 

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Burney resident Kristen shares how her psychiatric service dog Kiki helps her manage her PTSD and anxiety. Watch the introductory video above and SEE HER FULL STORY HERE.

Kimberly Davis

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

"Growing up isn't easy, try doing it with a mental illness. It makes it 10 times harder."

Watch Burney resident Kimberly Davis's video about growing up with bipolar and dyslexia and SEE HER FULL GALLERY HERE.

Dee Lahey

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Burney Resident and jewelry artist Dee Lahey shares how she has recovered from depression and the trauma of her childhood through therapy, prayer, friendship and a little dog named Joy.

Watch Dee's introductory video and SEE HER FULL GALLERY THERE.


Kay Hicks

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Watch the intro video about Kay Hicks, a Burney resident who hates labels and believes she, and everyone else, is much more than any label.


James Herington

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

A Burney resident and Shasta College student, James shares how he has learned to deal with substance abuse issues and his mental health challenge. Watch his video above and THEN SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE.