Tammy Hebert Bio

Tammy HebertTammy Hebert lives in Cassel and moved to the Intermountain region in 1994. She worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for four years and also as a mental health advocate. She used to volunteer at Visions of the Cross and is regularly used as a resource for people attending local Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Growing up in the Fresno area, Tammy was 6’1’’ and 380 pounds by the time she was 12-years-old, and she was picked on regularly for being the “big girl” in school. She started using meth in high school, and things got worse when she moved to Burney. Tammy would have periods of going clean, but would often relapse. Her most recent relapse was caused by an abusive relationship, which led to her developing post-traumatic stress disorder.

A severe truck accident led to a hospitalization and chronic pain issues from her injuries, but it also forced Tammy to get clean. Today, with the help of therapy, family support, coping skills and looking after her grandson, Tammy is sober and managing her depression and PTSD. 

Depending on the audience, Tammy’s presentation can highlight the following topics: