Shellisa and Cree Moore Bio

DSC_9145Shellisa Moore is the Healthy Shasta coordinator for Shasta County Public Health and a longtime Shasta County resident. Her 20-year-old daughter Cree is a Shasta College student, a former volunteer at Turtle Bay Museum and a lover of animals with an interest in studying Zoology.

The Moore family suffered a severe trauma in 2013 when Cree, after a long struggle with depression in her teen years, attempted suicide. Shellisa found her, and Cree survived, like an estimated 9 in 10 people who attempt suicide. Though the attempt profoundly affected the family emotionally, it also proved to be the beginning of an important journey for healing.

Today, through therapy, coping tools and a family commitment to emotional honesty and open communication, Shellisa and Cree have made significant strides and are sharing their story to help inform the community about the challenges a family faces when a loved one survives a suicide attempt.

Depending on the audience, Shellisa and Cree’s presentation can highlight: