Danielle Brewster Bio

Danielle BrewsterDanielle is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Women’s Health Specialists, a Program Assistant for Inter-Tribal Council of California Inc. and a dedicated volunteer, even bicycling 300 miles for the NorCal Aids Cycle to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS service providers. She was named as one of Redding’s 20 Under 40 award winners in 2014 for her outstanding contributions to the community.

Growing up as one of the only minorities in her Northern California town, Danielle faced regular bullying and harassment for being half Native American and half Mexican-American. As a teenager, her sister was killed by a drunk driver, a severely traumatic event for her family. She also suffered when she came out as Two Spirit, which led to rejection from friends and family.

After years of hiding her depression and suicidal thoughts, Danielle today has found balance through therapy, some medication, family support and her culture. She has spoken to youth groups, high school classes and many other community groups about her journey to wellness.

Depending on the audience, Danielle’s presentation can highlight: • Depression

• Anxiety

• Trauma

• LGBTQ and Two Spirit People and Mental Health

• Suicide Prevention

• Adverse Childhood Experiences

• Native American Cultural Competency

• Managing Medications

• Bullying

• Workplace Inclusion and Accommodations

• Making Safer Disclosures about Mental Health Challenges