Redding resident and community organizer, David Wharton, pushed through many layers of stigma to reach a place of healing in his life. He manages his anxiety and depression with medication, counseling and volunteer service.

"I found that giving back to my community had a profound impact on the way I thought about myself and others..."

Read more of David's story in his FULL GALLERY.






New York City native and Redding resident Cherish Padro has learned to manage her bipolar diagnosis despite the stigma she faced from family and well intentioned members of her church.

"It's been a challenging but rewarding journey. I've learned how to take care of myself and make the choices that are best for me."

Learn more about her story and the elements of her recovery in HER FULL GALLERY HERE.



Crystal Johnson Speaks About Women's Connect and Breaking the Cycle of Addiction


"When I made the commitment to get clean, I was really scared to talk to anyone face-to-face with the issues I was having or the fact I didn’t know where to get help. If I could have accessed a website with all those resources, I do think it would have been helpful and a lot less scary.

One of the scariest parts of getting clean was I didn’t know who I was without being a druggy, a thief or criminal. When I did get clean, I discovered I’m good at so many other things. Today in my life I’m a scholar, an advocate and a champion."


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Christopher Brick

Christopher Brick Quote

Redding resident Christopher Brick struggled for most of his life with depression, for which he self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. After his downward spiral led to a period of homelessness, his recovery began when he entered the Good News Rescue Mission's New Life Recovery program. SEE HIS FULL STORY HERE. 

Creanna and Shellisa Moore

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Redding residents Creanna (Cree) and her mother Shellisa share how depression during high school led Cree to attempt suicide. While she survived, the journey to recover and heal has been one they've taken together. 

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Mike Skondin

Mike reading with quote

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Redding resident Mike Skondin shares his harrowing and then inspiring story of how he developed PTSD and survived two suicide attempts after serving with the Marine Corps in Colombia during the cocaine interdiction campaign. After years of struggle, his recovery journey began when he was sent to Empire Recovery in Redding, SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE.

Susan Guiton

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

"When I read my nephew's obituary, I learned 'suicide' was a dirty word."

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Neil Shaw

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

"We have young people coming back from the Middle East, and they're drowning. We have to get them the help they need."

Watch retired deputy Neil's intro video about his recovery from PTSD and SEE HIS FULL GALLERY HERE.


Sam Hewitt

Brave Faces Portrait Gallery

Watch the video about Redding teenager Sam and her struggle with depression after her best friend Josh died by suicide in 8th grade. THEN SEE HER FULL GALLERY HERE.

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